Weird Mask is a twice monthly zine, we are always looking for short stories, flash fiction and serials.

We are looking for pulpy genre fiction. Western, hardboiled, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird, action, espionage, ghost, sports. Just fast-paced, exciting stories.

Short stories should be around 1k- 3k word mark. Flash fiction could be as short as you want.

As of now, the only payment we can offer is contributor copy.

If you are wanting to submit a serialized story, please message us first with a small pitch and how many issues you would need to tell the story and we will get back to you promptly.

To submit a story, just send it to the email below and include your mailing address. Please just copy and paste the story in the body of the email. No formatting needed.


Send your submissions to weirdmaskzine at gmail dot com

You can send any type of story at any time. Below are what the featured stories will be.

Issue 7 / RPG Lit – Closes on Oct. 5

Issue 8 / Dysfunctional Families – Closes on Oct. 15

Issue 9 / Cults – Closes Nov. 1st

Issue 10 / Xmas – Closes Nov. 15th

Issue 11 / Dirty Realism / Transgressive Fiction – Closes Dec. 1

Issue 12 / Sci-Fi – Closes Dec. 30th

Issue 13 / Superstitions – Closes Jan 1st

Issue 14 / Weird Romance & Scary Erotica – Closes Jan 15th

Issue 15 / Hard Boiled – Closes Feb 1st

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